Saturday, January 2, 2010

Put yourself back on the list.

A few years ago Wynonna Judd went on the Oprah Winfrey show to talk about her struggles with her weight. She thought if she voiced her plans of weight loss in front of millions of viewers it would make her feel more accountable and would encourage her to keep trying to lose. When she was asked about gaining the weight her answer was very interesting. She said that she had alot of responsibility, a list of things and people to take care of and she was the woman that "forgot to put herself on the list". That is probably true for most women. We are so busy taking care of so much, or maybe mismanage our time that we really don't take care of ourselves. I am not talking about the "spoiling" ourselves with huge shopping sprees or indulging in sinful foods (although that can be therapeutic in moderation). I am talking about really taking care of ourselves. Eating right, skin care, finding quiet or "me"time, if you are Christian, growing in that. Your complete spiritual, physical, and mental well being.
There is something that has inspired me to start this blog. I know that the economy is bad and we are all penny pinching right now, and because of this I have encountered some women with bad "do-it-yourself" color and cuts. Now, as a cosmetologist I could look at this as a way to build business, let people screw up their hairs so I can fix Actually it is sometimes very difficult to do that. But I am having to watch my budget as much as anyone else and would rather give some tips then let a poor fellow "sister" go around with awful hair!
Also, I am really hoping that this turns into more of "community". I want to hear from other women too. Have you found a product or time-managing skill that has helped you out? Read an inspiring book or anything else that could be helpful to other women? What I don't want this to be is some New Year's resolution type of thing that falls by the wayside in a week a two, and so I am not making any huge goals about how often I will blog. Just whenever I think of or find something worth sharing. Speaking of the new year, I wish everyone a very happy one. I do have one small goal of becoming a bit more computer literate, I would love to do a few video blogs, it would help out alot, especially when we talk about bikini waxing....just kidding!
The first thing I am going to do is work on a better sleeping habit, so I am now going to bed! Goodnight friends!


sherri said...


sherri said...

You're gonna love it Tracy! You're already off to a great start!

Dana said...

Yay! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging..

Are you sure that you haven't been hanging out around my house spying? I am so bad about this. It is not unusual for me to go to bed and 12:00 a.m and then get up 4:00 a.m, jacking myself up on caffeine so I can get all the chores done before my kids get up and then get to two o'clock with absolutely no energy left because I didn't get enough sleep and haven't eaten anything all day long. The crazy thing is, if I take a little nap or sit down for a break and eat a healthy lunch or take a walk for a little bit of exercise, I'm so much more productive. I know the whole metaphor, "put your oxygen mask on first" but I really just stink at doing it.

My other huge issue is that I pack too much in a day because I do not have the ability to say no. Could you write on that next?

So glad you're doing this. Most everyone in my blogger circle are mom's like me with small children. We so need to hear from someone who's kids are a little bit older and have been there done that. So glad to have you!

I love you!

Jay said...


I am with Dana - how do you say no? Is it even possible? I wouldn't know personally - I overbook myself to the extreme!

As for products / time management skills... I don't know that this really applies - but as often as I can, I try to take a long bath... door closed, music on, everything else gone... long bath. I have a little one one the way, so I am sre that I am going to have to put that on hold for a while, but for now --- it works and is one of the few things that I can do to help hold onto my sanity one more day.

Anyway, I look forward to following along. Welcome to the blog world!