Monday, January 4, 2010

I Have Practiced What I Preached!

I did it, I am off to a great start. Last night I made an appointment with myself for a nice bath and exfoliating, and shortly after 9 pm I was in the tub! I didn't have a good scrub on hand, so just like I suggested, I went to the kitchen and mixed up 2 TBSP of sea salt and 1 TBSP of olive oil and because I like the smell just a splash of baby oil. It felt so good to get the dead skin off. When I got out of the tub I dried off and immediately put on some intensive lotion for extremely dry skin. I am not kidding, today I can still tell that my skin is softer than it was and I haven't itched at all today. I even took time to wash my face and put on some of my skin care products that I like to use.
Tonight I got on my new exercise trampoline that I got for Christmas. I have to always remind myself that it is ok for exercise to start with "baby steps", and that any time spent exercising is more beneficial than doing nothing. Each night I will try to do a little more than before. I really wanted to come straight to the computer, but knew if I did I would end up here and not get anything else I am going to use computer time as a reward for getting everything else done that I need to.
I have so many ideas and discussions that I can't wait to share with you all. Especially because each thing I suggest, I know I have to do here is to a great start to a better "us". Be Blessed!


sherri said...

Sounds good to me! Hey- "Putting it out there" does cause us to be more accountable. It's a good thing. Enjoy.

Jay said...

Aren't baths GREAT! I love a good scrub -- the one's at Victoria's secret are great, believe it or not and if you can catch them on sale , they are even better :) Right now they're 6/$30...which is still $5 a piece but they are great and you can get the scrub/lotion/body butter/etc. all in the same scent.

Anyway, there's my $.02 -- I'm loving your blog. Thanks for sharing. I'll be needing these exercise tips after this baby gets here.

Brenda Collins said...

I am a friend of Dana E.'s. On her blog she mentioned this amazing woman who was starting her own blog. I love it so far. Thanks to this blog I have now discovered the joy of exfoliating. Had never done that before This mommy pregnant with twins and a one year old running around needed some bath/exfoliating time desperately. My skin feels wonderful and I actually slept better that night than I have in a while. Thanks for sharing with the girls!