Thursday, January 14, 2010

Take Care of Your Hands

I looked down at my hands a few days ago and realized a part of myself I have neglected.....especially my cuticles. Just as I explained that exfoliation was essential to skin care, yet often forgotten about, so is cuticle care a big part of healthy nails.

With the weather so cold right now, it's an even bigger challenge to keep our hands, cuticles and nails from getting dry. The first thing you need to get it some cuticle remover. I believe Avon sells it, or you can find it at Wal-Mart or if you have a Sally Beauty Supply near by, you can find a really good one there. Also, pick up some orange wood sticks, they are long wooden sticks with a flat edge on one end, or there are different styles of metal cuticle pushers out there too. I prefer the metal kind, I think it works better and it's reusable, so no trash. Apply the cuticle remover to the base of the nail, where your cuticle is and leave on about 5 minutes then push back the cuticle, you will probably see a lot of dead cuticle left behind that you can scrape off with your pusher. I know this sounds trivial, but cuticle care, as I said, is essential to healthy nails, and will help them to grow quicker.

After you have pushed back the cuticle, you can shape and buff the nail. The next important thing is to get good cuticle oil. You will love what this does for our hands and nails. If you keep the cuticles soft and pushed back and oiled you will have less cracking and peeling (hang nails). If you have a nightstand beside your bed, keep your cuticle oil and some lotion on it. That way, if you forget before you go to bed, it's right there for you to use and you won't be washing your hands for several hours so it has time to soak in.

Look, you put your hands through a lot in a day. Think about all your hands do in a days time, washing, dishes, laundry, cooking....if you are a mom of toddlers, you are changing diapers, wiping noses, tying shoes. So treat your hands to a little t.l.c. If you have time and a little money, go get a manicure. If you have a beauty school nearby you can get one really inexpensive, the students give them for practice at a good price.

Dear God, bless the hands of the women reading this. Guide them as they go through their day of responsibilities, giving them strength and wisdom. Show them your will for their lives, then give them the perseverance to see it through. Amen.


Dana said...

I really need to take the time to do this!

Tracy Campbell said...

So do I Dana. Like I said, I had the thought for the post because I looked down at my own hands the other day. My job at Fashion Bug is really rough on my hands and nails. If you lived closer I would give you a great need to come visit!!

sherri said...

Tracy- my church (Whittington Church) is offering a free PAMPER ME NIGHT on Feb. 6 6- 8:30 om.

Manicures, eyebrow waxing,, massage, refreshments, fellowship and encouragement.

I wish you could join me?