Thursday, January 7, 2010

So Far, So Good!

Ok, so I am still feeling recharged and focused on taking better care of myself. Again, baby steps. I have not made a huge declaration of all the things I am going to cut out of my diet, instead I am first focusing on what I need to add to my diet. On my way to work yesterday I stopped by the grocery store. Thinking about my post on antioxidants, I headed toward the produce section and was very happy to find blueberries on sale...thanks God. (seriously, our "grateful list" should include even the small things we encounter in our day we are thankful for) Anyway I grabbed a 6 oz container for $2, also picked up some concord grape juice, and a container of vanilla yogurt. Oh, and pistachios were 2 for $6...gotta have some fiber.

I got to work just before noon and had enough time for a Healthy Choice steamer thing, which was really good. Very small, but good. The rest of the night was pretty busy, I had set out a little bowl of the pistachios so I knew how much I was eating (never eat from the bag) and just picked up one or two when I went to the back room. A little later in the evening I tossed some blueberries in my yogurt and because I was busy, didn't have time to sit down and eat it so again, just grabbed a bite here and there. I have found in the past that "grazing" really works for me and it did this time too. By the time I left work at 8:30 I was not really hungry. Usually my stomach is growling and I come home and eat too much.
So if you think this is something that would work for you, give it a try. If you are a stay-at-home mom, set out something healthy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and nibble on them as you are doing your housework or chasing that toddler around. If you work outside the home and are able, keep healthy snacks around to hold you over so you don't feel as hungry at meal time.

I know this is something you have heard before, and it isn't rocket science. But don't focus on it as a "diet" or "weight loss plan". Just think of some things you need to be getting from your daily diet and add them in. I was not primarily trying not to eat when I did this yesterday, as I said, I just wanted to get some healthy stuff in and found that after I did I wasn't as hungry for anything else. Remember this is a blog about taking care of ourselves, and eating right is a big part of that. So slow down, make some preparations so you can grab something healthy and quick. It will make you feel better physically and mentally because you've done something good for YOU!
Have a great day.


Dana said...

This is exactly what I've been trying to say. A few months ago, I started trying to focus on eating the right foods that would keep my energy up throughout the day. I recently read a book by Liz Curtis Higgs called, "One Size Fits All and Other Fables". It's a great book talking about exactly what you have here. She makes a good case for the reason that America is overweight is because of dieting. Most diets require cutting out something very crucial from our diets like carbohydrates. You can lose weight very quickly. But, carbohydrates (complex carbohydrates that is our body never actually NEEDS refined sugar) are one of the nutrients that keeps up metabolism. So when you lose that weight, it is muscle that you're losing and when you gain it back, which almost always happens, you gain back fat to replace that muscle.

Anyway, the thing that I found was if I'm focusing on getting all the nutrients that I need in a day, I don't have room for much else. But, my rule of thumb has been, as long as I give my body what it needs, then I deserve a treat if I want it. The crazy thing is, most of the time, my body wants the fruit.

I finally went shopping for some new jeans because my old ones were falling off (I hate shopping) and was shocked when everything but a size two was too big.

Also, the grazing thing.. Adam is horrible about eating vegetables. So, I keep a vegetable tray made up and sit it out on the table while I'm fixing dinner. He walks by and inadvertently picks at that the vegetable tray and by the time he gets to dinner, isn't very hungry.

Also, my mother-in-law bought me a pair of Shape Ups a couple of months ago and I think they were a factor in the toning up as well.

Love you girl

Tracy Campbell said...

Thanks for commenting Dana. Hearing someone else agree just encourages me more. I too give myself a little treat when I have been good, and just like you said, I find that if I have eaten healthy most of the day the junky stuff makes me sick!
Today is payday so I need to make a trip to Aldi and stock up on some fresh produce. Going to make it a goal this week to have healty snacks on hand for the whole family. For a while I was making sure I put at least one raw fruit or vegetable on the dinner table every night and need to get back into that habit.
Have great, healthy weekend...we are on a roll now!